Hall of Fame Requirements

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Hall of Fame Application
Any bonafide member of the Capital Area USBC Association may submit nominations to the Association Manager. A standard form will be employed for nominations, and it shall be the responsibility of the Recognition Committee to obtain additional information on the nominee if the information submitted does not provide sufficient information to determine qualifications of the candidate. Nominees may be active or deceased members of the Capital Area USBC Association. Nominations must be submitted 90 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for election to the Capital Area USBC Association Hall of Fame a nominee:
1.Must have been an active bowler or supporter of the Capital Area Association for at least ten (10) years.
2.Must have compiled an outstanding record in participation in sanctioned leagues and City Tournaments. Participation in USBC and USBC sanctioned Regional Tournaments may be included on the nomination form.
3.Must have given distinguished service in the promotion of bowling activities through administrative or organizational work, or in any manner deemed meritorious.

Selection of Nominees:
The Recognition Committee shall review all nominations submitted and select candidates judged by the committee to be most qualified and deserving of the honor. Nominations not selected by the Committee for induction to the Hall of Fame shall be retained in the Association files for two (2) years.

After careful review and consideration of all nominations, the Recognition Committee may select three (3) nominations to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Of the three (3) nominees, one may be deceased, to be recognized for posthumous honors.

Suitable award(s) shall be made to the elected candidates and shall be presented with fitting ceremony, at the Annual Meeting. In the event of posthumous awards, they shall be presented to the next of kin residing in the Capital Area.
Photographs and history of Hall of Fame members may be included on the CAUSBCA website.