This committee reviews and implements the association’s awards program including the process in which awards are earned and reported.
Chair: Christie Chewning
Committee Members: DaVon Clack, Richard Menard, Christopher Moss, Michelle Touzalin, Billie Williams, Joe Williams
This committee reviews the finances of the association, including audits and budget. This committee meets at least twice per year and prior to every board meeting to audit the books.
Chair: Leona Craig
Committee Members: Marion Boissiere, Patrick Desiato
Lane Certification
This committee inspects lanes and certifies bowling centers within the association’s jurisdiction.
Chair: Alan Quinn
Committee Members: Scott Chewning, Rhonda Salsgiver, Sunshine Walsh
This committee ensures the association bylaws are up-to-date and do not conflict with the bylaws of the USBC.
Chair: Keith Lada
Committee Members: Sandra Cosby, Leona Craig, Rhonda Salsgiver
This committee publishes the board member candidate form, proposes a slate of candidates to be elected during the annual meeting, and runs elections in conjunction with the Sergeant-At-Arms during the annual meeting.
Chair: Marion Boissiere
Committee Members: Scott Chewning, Daniel Lau
Events & Fundraising
This committee is responsible for all publicity, news, and fundraising concerning the association and its members. This includes maintaining the website and other social media.
Chair: Scott Chewning
Committee Members: DaVon Clack, Michael Jahrsdoerfer, Alan Quinn, Sunshine Walsh, Joe Williams
This committee honors, pays tribute to, and perpetuates the names of those men and women who have displayed outstanding ability in the game of American Ten Pins and/or who have contributed, through meritorious service, to the general welfare and progress of the game in the area under the jurisdiction of the Capital Area USBC Association. This committee sends out and accepts Hall of Fame Applications to go through the application process, and determines if any current board members meet the qualification for Lifetime Member status.
Chair: Scott Chewning
Committee Members: Patrick Desiato, Trenda Smith, Harold Williams, Joe Williams
This committee develops scholarship applications and identifies scholarship recipients.
Chair: Daniel Lau
Committee Members: Marion Boissiere, Sandra Cosby, Leona Craig
This committee runs tournaments and submits bids for other state or regional tournaments as approved by the board.
Manager: Christopher Moss
Director of Adult Tournaments: Christopher Moss
Director of Youth Tournaments: Michelle Touzalin & Joe Williams
Committee Members Adult Support: Christie Chewning, Daniel Lau, Alan Quinn, Sunshine Walsh
Committee Members Youth Support: Michael Jahrsdoerfer, Rhonda Salsgiver, Trenda Smith, Joe Williams
This committee monitors, reviews, and recommends youth programs and services conducted by the association. Committee members promote and run the youth tournaments. It recommends youth dues, to be approved by the board. The committee is elected by the youth representatives at the annual meeting.
Chair: Michael Jahrsdoerfer
Committee Members: Janice Brattin, Margaret Perry, Rhonda Salsgiver, Trenda Smith, Michelle Touzalin, Joe Williams
This committee hosts coaching clinics each bowling season.
Chair: Rhonda Salsgiver
Committee Members: Janice Brattin, Sandra Cosby, Patrick Desiato, Michael Jahrsdoerfer, Keith Lada, Alan Quinn, Joe Williams